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Rocks in the River

There is a pool clear as glass and just as sharp.  It rests next to rapids but they do not touch.  The water is deep and many organisms live in harmony with each other.  I sit next to this pool and see many reflections.  Of myself in the sky in the ground and others eyes. A rock is thrown into the pool and the ripples disturb my thought.  Did I throw it in or did it fall from the stars?  It doesn’t matter anyway.  I have six minutes to write before I have to paddle back to the flow of the river of coffee and tea.  Where I work is a great beast of thought suck.  Only do and be and say yes to the demands of patronizing patrons and the drought of tip jar land.

I’ve had many seeds of thought lodged like  Tamarisk in the bed of riparian utopia.  The constant removal of invasive thought species when trying to create a body of work is just as exhausting as ripping the Salt Cedar’s deep roots from the sand.  And honestly, just as futile.  When we try so hard to fight everyday life in order to give us time for our inspiration….it will never come.  When conditions are created out of desperation and need they inevitably self destruct.

I welcome the eddies where the fish feed.  A lesson from one trout to another; sit and feed where it is least work.   Open your mouth at the edge of the rapids and let the food be pushed to your mouth.  Only then will you be able to manifest a life that is satisfying.

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